Secure Password Store

Secure Password Store 1.0

This program allows you to store and generate secure passwords

The use of secure passwords is essential nowadays, to access email accounts, install applications, etc. Most of the cases, it is difficult to remember all of the passwords you use daily, unless these are not secure enough. With Secure Password Store you can safely store your passwords and also generate random numeric hexadecimal or alphanumerical passwords.

Passwords are stored and encrypted in a database where you can enter all the data related to them (name, version, serial number, registered to -in case of applications- URL, date, manufacturer, and comments). Each field can be expanded or hidden. The program can be executed in minimized mode to avoid taking up too much space on the screen. Other important feature is that you can import or export the records in plain text or encrypted format.

The program has three versions: with the demo version you can store only five records, with the Lite version you can store fifteen records, and the complete version allows you to store an unlimited number of records.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • The Password generator allows you to generate numeric, hexadecimal, and alphanumeric passwords
  • The program is password protected and you have to open it to view your stored passwords, there is no other way to obtain them


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